AACC 2018

Raise the Bar: Elevate Staff Training On Key QC Concepts

We all expect lab staff to have a strong working knowledge of QC, but time and cost constraints limit educational opportunities. When they are well-educated about the logic behind QC processes, data interpretation and application is elevated, leading to overall improved quality performance. Join Bio-Rad for a presentation and panel discussion with three AACC educators who will share practical approaches to QC and their ideas for improving your team's knowledge base.

At the completion of the presentation, the audience will be able to:

  • Identify the concepts that AACC educators feel are core to basic QC education
  • Explain the need for a laboratory's QC procedures to be fit for intended use and factors that can render a test unsuitable
  • Share the rationale behind a common QC practice, such as why a rule is selected or the way means and ranges are determined
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Greg Miller, Ph.D, DABCC
Professor of Pathology
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Laura Parnas, PhD, DABCC, FACB
Senior Scientific Affairs Manager
Roche Diagnostics

David Grenache, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Core Lab Scientific Director
TriCore Reference Laboratories


Robert McGonnagle
CAP Today


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