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Value Assignment

Supporting a diverse, worldwide QC peer group

Bio-Rad is a leader in independent, third-party quality controls with the world’s largest QC peer group program. Value assignment (VA) testing is critical to support a diverse global testing network. When participating in the VA program, laboratories and other organizations contribute data toward establishing statistically valid means and ranges for Bio-Rad quality control inserts. Together with Unity, our industry-leading data management software, our VA program can help increase confidence in the accuracy of patient test results.

Inclusive program for standards testing

Getting started

In order to join the VA program*, there are some minimum requirements for participation, including:

  • Your lab must be certified (in the US: ISO, CLIA/CAP, or Joint Commission is required; in other countries: local or regional certification may be acceptable).
  • Results must be delivered within two weeks from receipt of sample.
  • Your lab must be able to directly enter results into Bio-Rad's online database, VAWeb.
  • Each participating lab shall maintain its current profile and contact information in VAWeb.

*Our top testing needs are for all analytes/methods for Siemen’s Atellica and Abbott Alinity systems.

Benefits of value assignment program

Participation helps improve reliability of test results for all labs

Efficient results processing helps expedite new product releases

Diverse VA network helps increase precision of test results for all labs

Participation aids new product development

Participation in the program increases your lab’s revenue

Unity software offers world’s largest peer network

Additional resource

Enroll for VA program assessment