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QC Net - How do I obtain control ranges online?

It is very easy for you to obtain control ranges on-line as follows:
     1.  Go to http://www.qcnet.com
     2.  Register a username and password
     3.  Click on Product Data/Inserts
     4.  Select the Product name and Lot Number of interest

Then each subsequent time just go to http://www.qcnet.com and enter your username and password. You can also obtain your Unity Interlaboratory Reports on QCNet. It requires you to register your lab number. Bio-Rad provides a 60-day trial for the on-line Unity Reports and other QCNet features. Just call the QC Program Group at (800) 854-6737 5am-5pm PT to get started with on-line Unity reports. If you like receiving your reports on-line and wish to continue just contact your local Bio-Rad representative for continued service.

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