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At the core of every lab

The key to success for any clinical diagnostics labs is a precise and accurate result with every run. As a trusted provider, Bio-Rad offers independent quality controls that help streamline workflows, reduce errors, maintain compliance, and facilitate accreditation—improving efficiency and saving money. Our breadth of analytes enables fewer quality control suppliers, and our multi-analyte controls provide added convenience and consolidation.

A trusted partner for independent quality controls


quality control products


comprehensive analytes



Up to 48

month shelf life

Top Bio-Rad quality control product categories

Improve your QC workflow with multi-analyte cardiac controls for monitoring the precision of cardiac assessment assays, including liquid controls for Troponin and other critical cardiac analytes. Liquichek cardiac controls are compatible with high-sensitivity Troponin assays with multiple levels to match the 99th percentile URL of Troponin foryour lab needs. All our cardiac controls have long shelf lives.

Cardiac marker controls

Together with Unity’s advanced data management tools, InteliQ quality controls help streamline your workflow to optimize efficiency. Barcoded, load-and-go controls help reduce manual tasks and increase productivity by automating data upload and sample tracking. InteliQ controls are ready-to-use and can be stored onboard and off-board (on select next-generation systems), for added convenience.


Reliable test monitoring for immunoassay is core of any lab panel. With over 75 popular immunoassay analytes, Liquichek and Lyphochek Immunoassay Plus Controls are the most comprehensive and consolidated QC products for labs performing routine or specialty immunoassay testing. Other products include controls for assaying therapeutic drugs, hypertension, fertility, tumor markers, bone markers, and endocrine markers.


We offer a comprehensive line of infectious disease controls for both serology and molecular testing. They cover a wide range of analytes, including analytes for respiratory, hepatitis and retrovirus, sexually transmitted diseases, pediatric diseases, and others. Derived from human plasma, they are manufactured and validated for all leading infectious disease assays, helping to ensure confidence in the quality and reliability of your infectious disease testing.

Infectious disease controls

Key benefits of independent quality controls

When you consider the increased workflow efficiencies, reduced risk of errors, and greater confidence in patient test results, Bio-Rad’s independent quality control products and services truly power exceptional labs. Reliable, different, and unbiased—these are just a few words that describe how our QC products stack up against the competition.

Different from kit calibrators

Unbiased to method of assay

Identify shifts between reagent lots

Reliable across diagnostic platforms

Allow long-term monitoring of assay performance

Targeted to be reactive within a relevant range

Independent from kit/reagent lot

Designed to monitor the precision of the test system

Control may be treated the same as a patient sample

Same control lot can be used across multiple reagent lots

Customer testimonials

“I trust Bio-Rad controls because they have not been formulated for only one specific test system.”

Lab Manager


“For a truly independent assessment of the test system, it is very, very important to use controls that are not provided by the instrument manufacturer.”

QC Coordinator


“The instrument manufacturer’s controls are usually less sensitive to QC problems, and now we always try to work with third-party controls.”

Manager, QC Group


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