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The key to success for clinical diagnostics labs is a precise and accurate result with every run. As a trusted provider, Bio-Rad offers independent quality controls that help streamline workflows, reduce errors, maintain compliance, and facilitate accreditation—improving efficiency and saving money. More multi-analyte controls allow for consolidation across suppliers while human-based materials better mimic patient samples. For a fully integrated QC system, from control to data analysis, choose Bio-Rad for independent QC.

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With the world’s largest QC peer group, Bio-Rad’s Unity data management software provides reports on the reliability or precision of a lab’s QC test system, helps improve its analytical performance. More than 29,000 labs in over 100 countries rely on Unity’s advanced QC data management capabilities. By connecting your clinical diagnostics lab with QC data from labs around the world, you can achieve a higher level of confidence in your test results.

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Bio-Rad is committed to helping both today and tomorrow’s QC labs produce reliable test results. To that end, we offer an array of technical resources and training materials to support your educational needs. From learning more about the fundamentals of QC theory to building upon an existing QC program and developing more advanced, leading-edge procedures, our resources are freely accessible and support all aspects of a QC program.

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Bio-Rad is committed to providing exceptional support to its customers. When you use our QC and software solutions, our team of experts will be there to help guide your QC system’s approach. Whether you’re looking for staff training, lot reservation, or technical expertise, it’s all part of the Bio-Rad experience. Contact our support team in select countries to get the help you need—and make your lab’s journey as smooth as possible.

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Customer testimonials

“I trust Bio-Rad controls because they have not been formulated for only one specific test system.”

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“I have been extremely happy with Bio-Rad Laboratories’ controls and Unity program for 10+ years.”

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“I am very appreciative of the level of support Bio-Rad supplies. I have never had an issue that was not resolved.”

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Unity Real Time Survey

Unity Real Time Survey


Bio-Rad would like to invite you to participate in a brief survey. We would like to learn more about your experience with Unity Real Time. Your feedback will help us with future development and improvement of QC data management software products.


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Shaping the future of Bio-Rad’s software products

Shaping the future of Bio-Rad’s software products


We will be hosting private interactive demonstrations of new software ideas and are looking for direct customer feedback.  This information will influence new software development and give you an opportunity to see what Bio-Rad is currently working on to serve our customers better.

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